Sunday, August 17, 2014

His game called Life, I was there too.

We used to exchange pens, I remember
I remember the Hero Pen, the Brown bottom and the top crown gold
You used to get me chocolates, I remember, 
Dairy Milk, the Rupee 5 one 
You used to call me everyday
When the clock struck 8, it was me at the other end
101 Reasons why you are my best friend card you gave me
I actually read the 101 Reasons.
Da vinci code, I loved the book I said
 A week after my Birthday , the day you met me, 
Robert Langdon I read on the cover
It was 3 years after I met you, 
The Rakhi, you let me tie,
The bond we had from day one
Just turned much stronger
It was just another reason for you to shower me with chocolates
This time it was Kit-Kats along with Dairy Milk
You knew it had changed
I still store the bundle of pens and the cards 
All we exchanged, from a pencil to our MP3 players
The song of Everybody from Backstreet boys
I danced with two left feet
While you grooved well to the beats
And the whole school applauded
You were there to listen to me 
All the cries and all the fun I shared
I remember you made me win the game of Housie
In your Birthday Party
The Gol gappa and the drink of Mint
I still remember
I was proud of you, when you took over Casablanca
I thought wow, he's gonna make it high 
Not think, I knew
We spoke about your plans
You joked about marrying me
Where are you now?!
14 years! 14 long years! 
All the way through, the ups and downs, 
the fights and fun, our hangout places
Whom do I talk about it with now
Just a little thought should have crossed your mind
Just a little
I didn't realize when you became so distant
A stranger like
I wish I knew what you had gotten into 
I would have tried
I would have tried
I would have stopped
I know I would have
Now all I can do is look back and say , you were there
Once there
And now you are gone
All gone
All gone to ashes
Am I angry, Am I sad..All I know is, I've become numb
Numb to everything.

This is in remembrance to my all time best friend, brother, everything he was to me, he is and he will be to me . 14 years , 14 long years it is. He's not gone. H'es never gone. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Blue and Grey Monday!

So the alarm goes off at 6:30 am  on Monday morning, I wake up to the morning sun, facing the window, ignore the cloudy days and the daylight saving which takes its time to kick in .I so wish I could just cuddle up under my blanket and shut that window and go back to sleep. But yeah I am getting paid to wake up , get decked up in formals, put up a fake smile and give in an enthusiastic,' I love to be here with you , this day today', kind of a look and visit my manager who is so eager to meet me and inculcate my mind of thoughts towards his inclination towards work, tools and reports.
But I rather ,on the contrary decide to stay in bed, call in sick and say I will be working from home, but if  at all anyone feels the need and desperateness towards me and goes kind of 'I can't work without you! I so miss you at work, how the hell am I supposed to get through this without you', you could probably call me at DON-YOU-DARE.

Well the awesomeness of working at home, you don't have to wake up at 6:30 , you get 2 more hours of extended sleep which adds to your beauty sleep which you expected on getting, don't have to pack your food  or stuff yourself up with a burnt toast and a half done scrambled egg and run around trying to find your laptop bag, your shoe which you seemed to have had stacked neatly on the shoe rack the previous day, but apparently the evil shoe tries to play around with you and is probably having a malicious idea of its own. Umph!Once you get through all this hassles. you reach office, trying to find a cheap parking spot in the uptown and to add on to my hassles I decide to wear 3 inch heels to look taller than my manager and give him the look of I'm gonna dominate you and hit you right in the center of your bald head and make you go down if you ask me to do something out of the blue kinds. And I run around with those heels which is making my feet twist and turn, it adds to the new dance steps I could be working on, this way I could make my feet more flexible, if I could give a more optimistic explanation towards it.
So once you enter the office on a Monday, fake smiles, fake hi's, fake: I love your shoes, fake: Ahwe!! your scarf,  fake: OMG,Omg! that dress, where did you get that from.  Well yeah I got blended into being the Fake-star too. But even if its fake, you just feel good about it or May be the slightest chances are, it's not Fake. Just a teeny weeny probability I would say.
You are trying to concentrate on writing your codes, pulling up your reports, documenting everything, well your trying and he the one the savior pings you and asks
' hey you wanna catch up for coffee'
Me: No
' hey you wanna try the new latte ,star bucks has come up with'
Me: No
' Hey there is this new pizza shop! Do you wanna swell up and become fat over  the extra layer of free cheese they are offering with every 50$ purchase?
Me: No
' hey do you want to bitch about that slutty girl next cubicle?'
Me: No
' Hey this hot guy from offshore is joining us, wanna come?
Me: Yes

Well there it goes your well planned day, down the drain, into the earth and comes out of space.And the moment you decide to catch up on where you had started last, there you go again,attend calls, meetings where everything goes overhead and you just sit there trying to take a nap with your phone sticking to your ears for hours and wake up when your name spills out in the call and  they call your name like 10 times and the 11th time you wake up trying to gather your thoughts and say oops I apologize I was on mute. Glad whoever invented the mute button! And Now its time to go homeee! woopie doopie doo!I'll take this over tomorrow! My monday is done! Woo hoo! Do the Ooh- la - la dance and get your ass off the seat and run to your car with your 3 inch heels! Now you don't feel the pain of the twists in your feet ! Do you!

Ahem! Now its a Monday and I open my eyes  to the  cloudy day and switch off my alarm and cuddle myself in the blanket and wrap my arms around my pillow and continue my 2 hours of extended beauty sleep.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Science and Spirituality : Comes with a big question of Believing the Beliefs

Well I don’t know! I’m not too much into defining either of them. But I decided to write. Write what I feel and what I know. I don’t know how I can relate to either of it. I’m really not too sure.
I’m not feeling too pleasant right now. I wonder why. I don’t have a reason or a negative situation which initiated my unpleasantness. I’m not the only one who feels so. Everyone does. Trying to figure out a reason... well I can’t really do that much research into it and say as to why this happens. I’m just in the same shoes as you are in. But I can tell you I could figure out a way! And the way is you can’t and you can help it.
When I said you can’t, I was not trying to impart my pessimistic view on you. I tried. I tried helping myself. I tried to figure out what really is bothering me so much, may be because I was little down to being home sick. Part of it was, but definitely not the real reason! I STILL DONT KNOW!
 When I said I can, here is what I meant. I Google’d. How to be happy!, and pressed enter. I mean really?? Well yes yes yes....really!  Pinky Promise I did that. How lame does the idea of Googling for happiness sound? Even my level of being happy can be contributed towards Googly Woogly! OH wow! That’s how technically independent we are (Consider the sarcasm beside).

So now the question really arises. When do we actually start believing in God? That’s a common question by you, by me, by all of us. But yeah, when do we actually start to believe.
When I have a crisis, I go to temples, I pray, so that everything will be solved. I wish it happened right away as soon as I made an effort to go to the temple and pray. I pray I’ll donate money towards the poor, I’ll feed the needy, I’ll offer 100 coconuts , I’ll recite the shloka a 1000 times a day and on and on and on. It sounds more like Barter system to me.
You ask a little experienced scholar, he says , those who are not yet advanced enough in their spirituality, go to the temples, where as people who are spiritual enough have their mind set to what they want, pray and preach everywhere they are and leave aside the temples. When you hit the rocks in your routine life where everything was just about to be perfect, that’s when you turn towards spirituality. Even though the scientists have the science to explain energy, we believe it’s the unknown source which is causing it.

Well yeah yeah. I did attend a ‘Krishna Conscious’ preaching class, hence wondering if the above lines sound a little over spiritualistic?? I’m definitely not falling into that league, but yeah I have been talking to a person who believes in the supreme entity, he always have interesting things to talk, a more like one against one, a person who believes and preaches and me being more against such beliefs. I’ll see where these conversations I have with him lead to and see what I can bring to you’ll!

What I heard is what you’ll get! Hoooo... re reading the above lines, I mean really! Me talking it!? Wow!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Flatter Flatter *wink wink*

Heya.Cumin to blore fa a vacation next week.Can u accompany me fa sat parties

- cool! Sorry I stay in Bangalore and not 'blore'
And dude by the way does  using 'Cumin, instead of coming' sound cool to you? Wow you're just too cool. Do you party only on Saturdays? :(:(  Why not Fridays too? I would have 'Cumined' with you then also.

Hey Reddy, How you been? You are from HYD kada..Shilpa's friend? I moved to Charlotte recently, working in IT. looks like you are having fun..keep me posted

Next post of his----->

Hey Reshma, sorry i think i got a wrong person..You look my old friend's friend so MSGed you but i talk to her and realized it, Sorry and please dont take me wrong you really look like her..Sorry again TC

--- I mean seriously? This is like the oldest of rabbit in the hat trick. Shilpa's friend? Yeah I am Pallavi's friend too. Better luck next time and brush up your age old generation tricks!

Hi. How are you doing?
I’m born and raised in america. Studyin medicine in south India, I love hip hop and basketball. How about you?
Could u send me a friend request? Thanks. Ttyl bye : )

--- I am absolutely doing great Kalapatapu. So you have been raised in America? Wow..'Americaaaa'. So you are from America and I will get talking to you? Nice try!
--- And of course I will add you as my friend! You are from 'Amerigaa'!

hey hai..r u in Us or blore? just updte me need to talk... did u changed u r number or the same one?

--- Yeah Reddy! It's the same number! will be looking forward for your call!Talk to you soooon!  XoXo

hiii....friend.......gud r u ..?hey ...can i send u reqst.....will u add me ???

---hiiii friend. I sure will add you. Why not. It's free of cost!Are you 'facebook-edly' challenged?

beautiful pic girl.....hi dis is Mark from LA. Just happened to c your profile n felt u were dam beautiful. Thot if v could chat. Where you from

---Keep thinking

hey can i knw u 

--- Ofcourse you can! 
Chauhan girl 27/5'2" convented b'ful working in top MNC Lko. Father Cl-I officer. High status family. E-mail: …………. Box No.
---> Courtesy Times of India! Get to know her!

Hi, this is mohan,i like to be ur frnd. Shall we???

-- No. We SHALL not!

hai dear,,, love to be you friend,,,

--hai hai! **put in the accent **

Hi ,
I just came across ur profile and thought of pinging you  ..
I am Sandy working in Bangalore as a techie ..
I am basically from Mumbai ... You got nice name and looks as well  ... Can we be friends ? My number is 9886995424 ... feel free to buzz me ...

-- bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and sting!

Well, Yes I din't know facebook had a seperate filter for all such messages. I just happened to see it recently and it was fun reading the messages. Wooo.... I mean all the tries and the Shall we questions. The tricks and the treats. Jeez. And is this how you get to know people?? Cool! I should attempt those on a few hot guys too and see if anyone falls for it.
If anyone reading this and your names are up there. I know nothing!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Magnet:Iron:: Attention: We= Fame Hoggers

It's Correlated! When you are in love,it's all the attention that you get which makes you fall in love again and all over again. Love without attention? Naah. That never exists. Some people crave for it some people live with it and for some it just so comes naturally.
Well craving for attention is nothing wrong. But trying really hard for it? You'll get all the wrong attention which you definitely didn't want! Now that's the thing you don't want to get into.

Here are some brush throws; you can consider it to be a tip or a forewarning! Suit yourself.

1. Facebook - Get Face booked! Sneak into your enemy's profile, how many likes has she/he got. That itch, she has more likes than you? Damn!DP change. Get a professional photographer and get it clicked naturally or hang out with sexy girls who just wear sexy clothes and get a picture clicked in a club or make the background look like the most happening party of the Hollywood/Bollywood industry.

Well for people who know me, skip point number 2 and get to 3.

2. As a president of the country, I will always keep the banner flying high. I will crawl up the Himalaya , take an helicopter to the moon and plant the flag there, just like Neil Armstrong did on the moon. Vote for me.Stand for elections,give the most smartest speech with one liners as above .Become popular.

When you get a call from your so called lame friends,

3. Hey Was-sup  Where are you? Ain't you joining us to the board game of 'Prince charming  saving the princess' tonight?
Your Reply: Ohwee (puppy face expression), I'm so sorry. But I have a dinner date with Paris Hilton and her cute and adorable puppy  . So I won't be able to make it tonight,but I so wish I could make it.(Just say it....take it slow and easy). For girls, you can go ahead with Geroge Clooney or Wentworth Miller. 

4. No! I don't want any pictures taken! This line, you say when you write a big fat cheque to the Charity for saving  piglets and calves from being eaten up by the Red Indians. Just say it. But have your fans take the pictures of you and leak it out to the journalists who have nothing constructive to do. You could give them a story and save them their jobs.So indirectly you contribute to the social welfare of the society which is a good thing.

These are the only things I could come up with , and my lunch awaits! Any more, I'll definitely update you guys!Now follow these and be on it while I do some more creative exploration and deep case studies of such people and grab a few tips myself!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Love all the way

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” 
― Albert Einstein

So today is your day. Go make a lot of mistakes. It's called the Valentine, the worse thing which will happen will happen anyway if it has to ! 100 years is all you have! And just one day to cherish.Tell her,fall on your knees, just say it. Do everything grand, say it ...say it big. Come out with your best poems, add humor, laugh about it , worse you might be slapped. Slapped and loved.

Don't be a bird in the cage.Your only safe, not happy. Give your life a little tinge of adventure, add color , add life, spread your wings , see out there, Go high get the kick and the thrill just by telling that you are in love. Write letters, Tell it with the red roses or a candy bar. It's all the love that matters which is stored big in your hearts. So just say it!

Don't know who is in love with you? It's easy. Stick around all the people whom you eye on. Spread love. Love everyone, may be the one who loves you back will reciprocate. Don't know what to do? Wondering if your so called 'ONE' will ask you out? Don't wait around! Go ahead and say it ,show YOUR love,you ask! You have lots of love in you why not multiply it?? If she reacts , you will get the long awaited kiss on your cheeks. If not just a red mark, not of lipstick,but will fade away in time. Open you eyes big and wide , pay attention! If you are asked out and not ready for it, just give them a moment of your time. It means a lot. Spread the joy, the happiness everything that matters for others. Just for today live for others, not just for yourself and soon you will begin to realize, you can never be for yourself. If you wait around, not telling it won't be telling it any other day and you will be missing everything about the so called word which is small but means big ! The word 'LOVE'!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The No-nonsense talk!

Okay, Let's get this straight. Getting raped and thrown around in the streets is not something which happens only in India.I mean seriously. Well I have many people asking me, what's up with all the rapes happening in India? The law should do something about it,they tell me.

Well let me put it this way. Here me out guys,loud and all the Non-Indians, India is NOT known for only rape. Everywhere I go and Every new person I meet, the first question they ask me is why? Is it so bad for woman there? Why can't the men ask permission from women? Is it that hard? These are the questions they shoot. Here are somethings you have to know ,other than what you know.

Indian laws are not all that crappy. In fact according to a constitutional scholar, there is no other nation's constitution which is impetus towards changing and rebuilding society for the common good!So when you talk bout the laws being not well written,make sure you have read all the 400 plus articles of the longest written constitution ever.

When you complain about woman in India not being treated properly, its NOT true. Its not deeply entrenched culture of domestic violence and male dominance that exists and that's what all non-Indians think. Well it's always been an eventful and great changes of how women were and are treated.From equal status to low points with men.But not anymore. Do you want a list of guys who worship women? I have them! Or google it! Women in India are respected more than any where else in the world.

Well we too like running around and shooting all the men dead,when we listen to such stories. Well shooting all men will ensure safety for all the women. No harassing,no eve teasing,no domestic violence, no setting women ablaze,wow so many I could think of. And one more, no make up. Well,again I would say just because a few random morons messed it up,not whole of India is filled with such insensitive assholes. So to all the non-Indians out there,India is famous for its rich culture and heritage. We have certain beleifs,certain traditions which we tend to follow and we will follow,just because of some random events like this don't judge the country and its people and its laws. We are as we are."Awesome" with a capital A.