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Arjun Reddy -The narcissistic asshole

Arjun Reddy shooting for another of his movies at the age of 44, older the better. With his looks, tall, broad shoulders and dimply smile he holds the bat to hit an out of the boundary and score the last score to make his team win. He smiles at the British lady and the British lady rapes him with her eyes. It’s a wrap up, Woman Assistant director, runs around assisting, taking notes from the famous director Rajassmougly and has her hair roughly tied up like a bun with nerdy glasses and taking notes and attentively listening and meticulously pinning down everything heard and seen. Alias Arjun Reddy, sits down on his chair resting his feet after the hectic shoot and brushes off hisbeard with his hand and inattentively tries to make an eye contact with the Assistant director who is devotedly trying to bullet her points. Alias Arjun Reddy asks for fruit juice and spills out half his drink and mixes the other half with a bourbon and shakes his drink obediently and still looking at the assista…
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His game called Life, I was there too.

We used to exchange pens, I remember
I remember the Hero Pen, the Brown bottom and the top crown gold
You used to get me chocolates, I remember,  Dairy Milk, the Rupee 5 one  You used to call me everyday When the clock struck 8, it was me at the other end 101 Reasons why you are my best friend card you gave me I actually read the 101 Reasons. Da vinci code, I loved the book I said  A week after my Birthday , the day you met me,  Robert Langdon I read on the cover It was 3 years after I met you,  The Rakhi, you let me tie, The bond we had from day one Just turned much stronger It was just another reason for you to shower me with chocolates This time it was Kit-Kats along with Dairy Milk You knew it had changed I still store the bundle of pens and the cards  All we exchanged, from a pencil to our MP3 players The song of Everybody from Backstreet boys I danced with two left feet While you grooved well to the beats
And the whole school applauded You were there to listen to me  All the cr…

A Blue and Grey Monday!

So the alarm goes off at 6:30 am  on Monday morning, I wake up to the morning sun, facing the window, ignore the cloudy days and the daylight saving which takes its time to kick in .I so wish I could just cuddle up under my blanket and shut that window and go back to sleep. But yeah I am getting paid to wake up , get decked up in formals, put up a fake smile and give in an enthusiastic,' I love to be here with you , this day today', kind of a look and visit my manager who is so eager to meet me and inculcate my mind of thoughts towards his inclination towards work, tools and reports.
But I rather ,on the contrary decide to stay in bed, call in sick and say I will be working from home, but if  at all anyone feels the need and desperateness towards me and goes kind of 'I can't work without you! I so miss you at work, how the hell am I supposed to get through this without you', you could probably call me at DON-YOU-DARE.

Well the awesomeness of working at home, you d…

Science and Spirituality : Comes with a big question of Believing the Beliefs

Well I don’t know! I’m not too much into defining either of them. But I decided to write. Write what I feel and what I know. I don’t know how I can relate to either of it. I’m really not too sure.
I’m not feeling too pleasant right now. I wonder why. I don’t have a reason or a negative situation which initiated my unpleasantness. I’m not the only one who feels so. Everyone does. Trying to figure out a reason... well I can’t really do that much research into it and say as to why this happens. I’m just in the same shoes as you are in. But I can tell you I could figure out a way! And the way is you can’t and you can help it.
When I said you can’t, I was not trying to impart my pessimistic view on you. I tried. I tried helping myself. I tried to figure out what really is bothering me so much, may be because I was little down to being home sick. Part of it was, but definitely not the real reason! I STILL DONT KNOW!
 When I said I can, here is what I meant. I Google’d. How to be happy!, and p…

Flatter Flatter *wink wink*

Kumaran Sekar Heya.Cumin to blore fa a vacation next week.Can u accompany me fa sat parties
- cool! Sorry I stay in Bangalore and not 'blore' And dude by the way does  using 'Cumin, instead of coming' sound cool to you? Wow you're just too cool. Do you party only on Saturdays? :(:(  Why not Fridays too? I would have 'Cumined' with you then also.
Kalyan Sandeep Hey Reddy, How you been? You are from HYD kada..Shilpa's friend? I moved to Charlotte recently, working in IT. looks like you are having fun..keep me posted
Next post of his----->
Kalyan Sandeep Hey Reshma, sorry i think i got a wrong person..You look my old friend's friend so MSGed you but i talk to her and realized it, Sorry and please dont take me wrong you really look like her..Sorry again TC
--- I mean seriously? This is like the oldest of rabbit in the hat trick. Shilpa's friend? Yeah I am Pallavi's friend too. Better luck next time and brush up your age old generation tri…

Magnet:Iron:: Attention: We= Fame Hoggers

It's Correlated! When you are in love,it's all the attention that you get which makes you fall in love again and all over again. Love without attention? Naah. That never exists. Some people crave for it some people live with it and for some it just so comes naturally.
Well craving for attention is nothing wrong. But trying really hard for it? You'll get all the wrong attention which you definitely didn't want! Now that's the thing you don't want to get into.
Here are some brush throws; you can consider it to be a tip or a forewarning! Suit yourself.

1. Facebook - Get Face booked! Sneak into your enemy's profile, how many likes has she/he got. That itch, she has more likes than you? Damn!DP change. Get a professional photographer and get it clicked naturally or hang out with sexy girls who just wear sexy clothes and get a picture clicked in a club or make the background look like the most happening party of the Hollywood/Bollywood industry.

Well for people w…

It's Love all the way

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” 
― Albert Einstein

So today is your day. Go make a lot of mistakes. It's called the Valentine, the worse thing which will happen will happen anyway if it has to ! 100 years is all you have! And just one day to cherish.Tell her,fall on your knees, just say it. Do everything grand, say it ...say it big. Come out with your best poems, add humor, laugh about it , worse you might be slapped. Slapped and loved.

Don't be a bird in the cage.Your only safe, not happy. Give your life a little tinge of adventure, add color , add life, spread your wings , see out there, Go high get the kick and the thrill just by telling that you are in love. Write letters, Tell it with the red roses or a candy bar. It's all the love that matters which is stored big in your hearts. So just say it!

Don't know who is in love with you? It's easy. Stick around all the people whom you eye on. Spread love. Love everyone, may be the o…